Cooking School

How did we spend our Christmas Day in Thailand? At school! Cooking school, that is. We learned to make pad thai, cashew nut chicken, tom yum soup, green curry paste, a veggie stir fry in oyster sauce, and deep fried bananas (we’re taking that to the state fair next year!). It was a fun way to spend our Christmas morning. It was like a Christmas buffet–we got to eat everything we made and it was all amazing. We took copious notes and look forward to making these delicious dishes when we get home. We don’t want to give away all of our new secrets (we’ll teach you when we get back if you’d like–limit first 10 people to reply =)), but here’s one you can easily try at home:

Deep Fried Bananas

Mix 30 grams of flour, 1 egg, and a little bit of water together to the consistency of pancake batter (add water as needed). Slice 2-3 bananas into 2 inch pieces and put in batter bowl. Cover bananas with batter completely. Heat a pot of oil over medium-high heat (you can test the heat of the oil to know if it is ready by dropping a little bit of batter into the oil and seeing if it cooks up). When the oil is warm enough, drop a few bananas in and let them fry up until lightly browned. Let the fried bananas cool a little and then dip them in chocolate sauce or honey and eat! Simple and delicious and said by our instructor, Moon, to be a healthy treat. =)

Merry Christmas!!!

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7 Responses to Cooking School

  1. Debbie Rickey says:

    Merry Christmas to you guys! And hey, Jeff and I want to be on your list of people to take your cooking lessons! We love Thai food and certainly don’t get enough here in Indiana! Thanks for sharing your wonderful journey with us.

    Love you guys!


  2. pete & lins says:

    Merry Christmas! Add Pete and I to your cooking lessons list!
    We love you and will talk to you soon!

  3. Joy (Mojo) says:

    Do not add me to your cooking list! I’m so glad you are adventurous diners. Enjoyed talking with you this morning. What the heck is a tuk tuk? I’m gonna have to look that one up. The movie was LONG. I guess we all know what Brad Pitt will look like when he gets old. Love you

  4. Rachel (sista) says:

    It was GREAT to chat with you today. We are planning on picking up a camera this week, so hopefully by the next time you call we will be all SMILES along with you.

    The cooking classes look awesome (pics are making me hungry!)… Can’t wait to share a meal together in a few months.

    WE LOVE YOU!!!

  5. Amy Moulton says:

    Hi Erin and John,
    What a great idea to go to cooking school! It’s so nice that your instructor reassured you that the fried bananas, which sound very yummy, are a “healthy treat!”

  6. andra says:

    Happy Christmas and Happy New Year!!!! Yes, absolutely, please count us in for the cooking festivities when you get back:-)

    Miss you, love you and can’t wait to read more!

  7. Kyle says:

    I would LOVE to take the cooking class! I’m sure others around here would too! It looks fantastic. Can wait to hear more.

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