Arriving in Bangkok

imgp2891After 12 hours of being pampered on Thai Air, we have arrived in Bangkok. The flight went by very quickly as we were entertained by many movie options from “Casbalanca” to “Ghost Town” to a Thai movie about a tug of war competition (a personal favorite). There were also over 30 TV show options, music, and classic gameboy video games as well as live video feed from the underside of the plane. Going from tramping in the woods, this was somewhat of a media overload, but we didn’t mind something to keep us occupied while we tried to stay awake. We arrived at 9:30pm (3:30am Auckland time) and were quickly through immigration, customs, and greeted by our shuttle driver who would take us to the Convenient Hotel. We quickly fell into bed exhausted from the long flight and late night. This morning we got up and had our first meal which was, unfortunately, an American breakfast. We are now taking on the city. Just ate our first pad thai (we know, real creative, but you have to start with imgp2888what you know) for less than $1 USD from a street vendor. Checking out the city now. Tomorrow we have plans to meet up with the Bauer family, friends of Tim Hyatt, at an outdoor market that sounds like Saturday Market on steroids.

Bangkok is a huge and busy city, but we are finding our way around just fine and getting adjusted to the heat!

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5 Responses to Arriving in Bangkok

  1. Rachel (sista) says:

    I was thinking of you two yesterday and I’m glad to know you made it there safely!! And I’m sure you’ll find plenty of more interesting things to snack on soon enough…

    Love you guys!

  2. Bruce Boeckman says:

    I took apicture of you snow covered house, it’s about 25 degrees here!

  3. Bruce Boeckman says:

    I took a picture of you snow covered house, it’s about 25 degrees here! How can I send the picture to You?

  4. john says:

    Great to hear you are following along. We would love to see a picture of our house. I wish we could be there to enjoy the snow on the block. Have a Merry Christmas. You can send it to

    John and Erin

  5. Joy says:

    So glad to hear you are on the ground again! I’m sure the change in temperature is major. Is it humid there? Have a Merry Christmas. Love you guys

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