New Zealand has their own terminology for what we, at home, would call RVs or trailers–they call the larger ones caravans and the smaller ones campervans. The closest thing we have is the VW Eurovan or the classic VW sleeper vans. We actually rarely saw a VW van, but instead saw lots of  Mazda, Nissan, Toyota, and Mercedes.   

This place is amazing in what they offer travelers. You have probably see the RV rental companies around the States during the summer with absurd advertising on the sides of their enormous RVs. Many of the companies here take a similar approach, emblazening the sides of their vehicles with a logo or artwork of sorts. We were very thankful to find a company that not only had a reasonable price but also didn’t feel the need to advertise anything on the side paneling. We were also pretty excited about all the options people have here for hiring a campervan. They come in all shapes and sizes. Nothing near as big as we have at home, but the roads here couldn’t handle it either.

We spent our time on the North Island in a standard campervan which would be about the size of a mini van. On the South Island we wanted more fuel effiency so we went with the micro “van” which was about the size of our station wagon at home, but came with a sweet awning/tent for the back. We were definitely ready to be done with car living after 9 weeks of it and were thrilled Tuesday night was our final night of sleeping in a car.  Yippee!!!

Here is a selection of the campervans we saw:

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