It’s a tradition!

As we are traveling, we have realized the importance of familiarity. Because we are moving around so much, it’s comforting to have at least a few things that you can count on to be the same on most days. One thing we have found about our traditions (we use the word tradition in our house instead of “routine” as John doesn’t care for routines much… or at all, really) on the road is that they usually involve sugary treats, as if we were more deserving of treats here than at home. The tradition we observe most frequently is our nightly cup of cocoa and some sort of cookie to compliment. Recently we picked up some cookies called “Chit-Chats” and discovered they have a unique property. We need to rewind for a second… Our friend Martha taught us how to fill a cookie with hot cocoa by using it as a straw. You simply bite off the ends of a certain type of cookie, stick it in the cocoa (or possibly coffee–not been tested), and sip the cocoa into the cookie through the end. The cookie becomes saturated with the cocoa and you end up with a perfectly soft and gooey cookie–it’s almost indescribable how delicious it is! Warning: The cookie becomes very hard to manage and will fall off into the cocoa if you take on too much liquid–there is a fine balance. From our experience it only takes a second or so to fill the cookie. We believe the original cookie Martha introduced us to was the “Tim-Tam Original.” To our surprise, the “Chit-Chat” was a good knock-off that worked almost as well. We have since used the “Tim-Tam” and it is probably the one to go with.


You may have a hard time finding “Chit-Chats” or “Tim-Tams” at your local Safeway or Fred Meyer’s, but if you want to try this delicacy (or begin this tradition yourself), you can find the “Tim-Tam” at World Market. Martha will you verify our facts on this since you are the resident expert? Here are some instructional pictures below if you’re a visual learner.


Step 1: Start with a fresh package of Tim-Tams. Note, these are not the original, but work well.









Step 2: Take biscuit out of package before proceeding.


Step 3: Carefully bite off both ends of the biscuit.












Step 4: Place cookie into cocoa.










Step 5: Sip cocoa through your cookie straw for one second. Any more and you run the risk of losing the cookie.











Step 6: Eat the cookie, enjoy, and start back at step 2.











**If you can’t tell, it has been raining for the last three days and we have been inside finding ways to occupy our time. With more rainy days ahead on the wet South Island, look forward to more instructional posts in the future.**

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8 Responses to It’s a tradition!

  1. Martha says:

    It’s true – so delectable! Tim Tams are known by some other name here in the States (which is completely escaping me at the moment), but they are also manufactured by Arnott’s and the packaging looks identical. The biscuit doesn’t act like a straw for long – I eat it as soon as the cocoa reaches the top of the biscuit. Absolutely melts in your mouth. And I can’t take credit – this method (known as a “Tim-Tam Slam”) was taught to me by Matt Nofziger, a GFU alum who went to NZ on Juniors Abroad. (And my life was all the better for it.)
    J & E: Glad to see you’re getting the real thing, friends! I’ve been a silent reader so far but will email you an update soon. lovies!

  2. Debbie Rickey says:

    We also are big tradition lovers and I love this one of yours! Thanks for the great posts and pictures. It really feels like we are enjoying this trip with you both!

    Hugs to you!

    Love Debbie

  3. Katie Mahon says:

    Hi Macy’s!

    One of your tenants here. Courtney just found your blog the other day and we were all excited to read about the adventure you are on. I love your pictures and really hope you are enjoying your travels. All is well back in Newberg. We love your home and are taking good care of it. I’m excited to see more pictures and I hope the rest of your time overseas goes well.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!


  4. Kim says:

    John, getting a little scruffy there. I guess you need a little warmth with the cooler weather. 🙂

    Love the picture by picture instructions. It makes the skype description all the more real.

    Love you guys!

  5. Tami says:

    Oh, I’m so excited that you get to eat Tim Tams in NZ…I may just have to go pick up a package so I can remember the goodness!

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