Your Comments

We have found that blogging is a fun way to stay connected with family and friends back home, but we have discovered that it does take a lot of our internet time. We have received comments from many of you who are reading the blog and we wanted to let you know that even if we haven’t written you back, we LOVE getting them and please keep sending them through. We will try to get better at responding, but when we don’t, know that we are reading them and taking great joy in your words.
If you haven’t commented yet, don’t be shy, it’s the only way we’ll know you’re connecting!
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1 Response to Your Comments

  1. Andrew Hanna says:

    hey john and erin – had a great time with you guys that sunny sat in nov. when we stumble across new people on our travels it is never by chance, rather orchestrated by a great God who guides us in this journey of life.

    loved reading your blog. how random was that german girl we met. we continued our journey to picton and had a cup of tea together (and a few more smokes). enjoy the rest of your journey in this great land of kiwis & kakas .

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