The Little Turkish Cafe

There is some debate between Erin and I about what attracted us to The Little Turkish Cafe. I would say it was the neon lights and she would say the line out the door. Either way, this was a great place to share a kebab with the most beautiful girl in the room… in the whole wide room. Kebab shops are all over Auckland and various place around the country and we are on a mission to find the best one. So far this place is the best (I should now mention we have only tried two so far)–we will keep you posted. For those of you who have never tried a delectable kebab it is basically a gyro. Some places let you choose your sauces and meat (chicken or lamb seem most common). Otherwise, what you get is a bready sort of wrap filled with meat, lettuce, tomatoes, sauce, and onion. As a bonus the owner reminded us of the Soup Nazi from “Seinfeld”.

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2 Responses to The Little Turkish Cafe

  1. Aaron says:

    …just a small request, please pick up one of those kebabs for me, stick it in your pocket and bring it back to Oregon for me.


  2. Robby says:

    John, I’m glad that you got to share a kabob with the most beautiful girl you have ever seen with a kabob.

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