The Flounder’s Not All They Have Going On In Raglan…

According to the 2008 New Zealand Lonely Planet guidebook, Manu Bay has the longest left point break in the world. For any of you who have been to the south side of Seaside, this break had some similarites to the Cove. Not sure if we believe them but it was a pretty nice wave regardless. We spent the most consecutive days in Raglan of anywhere on the North Island waiting for the surf to be just right. And as luck would have it a day after we got there the wind was moving offshore, and the waves were head high and unfortanatley there were 25 guys in the water. Apparently the word is out about this being a pretty good surf spot. After a few hours in the water I got the hang of it and realized there was only so much room for politeness. I lived up to my name “Snakeface Mace” as surf buddies would call me, not that it had any validity. (In surfing terms “snake” means to drop in on someone else’s wave) Not that I did it too often but I did learn that 5 people take off and usually most of them don’t actually make the section and that leaves more wave for me. One of the locals helped teach me a thing or two about how it works. As much fun as it was to fight for every wave I still like the beaches of Oregon where there are more than enough waves for everyone.

Besides surfing in Raglan we also did some hiking, saw some waterfalls, ate some deep fried flounder and chips, and drove a section considered by some to be one of the most beautiful sections of a world rally car race. Raglan is a typical beach town with one strip of restaurants and shops that operate on beach time. If you’re not into surfing this wouldn’t be somewhere you would probably spend too much time.



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One Response to The Flounder’s Not All They Have Going On In Raglan…

  1. Joel Bock says:

    Sounds like some fun breaks. Didn’t know you had that nickname, but I guess it comes in handy in a pinch.

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