Off the grid for a little while

We are now in LA and will be bording soon and realized that we will be without internet for the next week.  Our plane is getting ready to leave so I better get going.


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4 Responses to Off the grid for a little while

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Am wishing you both such rich, wonderful experiences and luck. All my best goes out to you!

  2. Kim says:

    You’re off! You’re on your way! You’re really doing it! I’m in that jumping up and down, excited Kim kind of mood just thinking of you on your way toward the adventure of your life (until you have kids that is :). Wishing you the very best, praying for safety and divine appointments with people, and looking forward to seeing you in Africa. I love you guys!

  3. Rachelle says:

    I was standing at my kitchen sink and there were your faces staring back on me on the window. I thought, “Wow, I miss them.” Then I said to myself “Buck up it’s only Tuesday after they left!”

    Love you guys,

  4. Julene says:

    What a great adventure you are off on!! We will keep track and remember you throughout the next several months!!

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