Out of the House

Prior to packing up our home and moving out,

John packs the garage

John packs the garage

in preparation for our trip around the world, I realized I have lived in our home longer than I have lived in any other house my entire life. There is quite a bit of comfort in our home-it is a place we really do go to relax-but there has been nothing but excitement and freedom as we packed our possessions, cleaned the house, and handed the keys over to five capable young women.

Our first week out of the house has been spent at Pete and Linsey’s. It’s been fun to fall asleep on the couch every night watching the Olympics together, share a few meals, and just be around. Next week we will be at Mauri and Sherry’s. We are so glad to have this time with family and are also looking forward to a visit from my folks in a week. So far living the life of a vagabond has been great!

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1 Response to Out of the House

  1. Molly says:

    Yeah for blogs!!! It will be so fun to follow you around the world!

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